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  1. White Wake Up Drunk T-Shirt (front)

    White Wake Up Drunk T-Shirt

    Inspired from the song "The Thrill" this T-shirt has “Wake Up Drunk” printed in black on front with “Go To Sleep Fucked Up” printed on back
  2. Black Wake Up Drunk T-Shirt (front)

    Black Wake Up Drunk T-Shirt

    There is no better way to wake up. Show the world where your priorities are with this conversation-starting T-Shirt. Inspired from the song "The Thrill" this T-shirt has “Wake Up Drunk” printed in black on front with... Learn More
  3. Captain Mens Standard T-Shirt

    Captain Mens Standard T-Shirt

    Who says you can't wear black in the warm weather? Get this cool t-shirt with a captain's hat printed on the front with smoke floating around it and Wiz Khalifa's name
  4. Smoke Type Mens Standard T-Shirt

    Smoke Type Mens Standard T-Shirt

    This red t-shirt features Wiz Khalifa’s name in blue letters with smoke coming from the “I”
  5. Photo Smiley Juniors T-shirt

    Photo Smiley Juniors T-shirt

    Introducing a women’s fit, this tee features an image of Wiz Khalifa smiling
  6. On My Level T-shirt

    On My Level Mens Basic T-shirt

    Get on Wiz's level by wearing this new red t-shirt featuring the line "I'm On My Level" printed in white
  7. Spliff Mens Standard T-Shirt

    Spliff Mens Standard T-Shirt

    This new design features the Wiz's name in white puffs printed on a brown camouflage t-shirt.
  8. Snapshots Juniors Custom Striped T-Shirt (front)

    Snapshots Juniors Custom Striped T-Shirt

    Wear Wiz on your heart with this juniors fit t-shirt that features color snapshots of Wiz Khalifa over black and white stripes.
  9. Kickback Crew Neck Sweatshirt

    Kickback Crew Neck Sweatshirt

    Don't have enough Taylor Gang Or Die gear? Get Wiz Khalifa's Kickback sweatshirt featuring "TGOD" in black bold print on a light grey sweatshirt.
  10. Paper Mens Sweatshirt

    Paper Mens Sweatshirt

    Who couldn’t like this sweatshirt from Wiz Khalifa? The Alternative Apparel heather gray long sleeve sweatshirt with black sleeves featuring a design of a sheet of paper come to life! He has tattoos of... Learn More

  11. Whisper Juniors T-Shirt

    Whisper Juniors T-Shirt

    Stay classy with Wiz Khalifa in the "Whisper" t-shirt featuring Wiz Khalifa himself, dressed in a tux, on a purple elegant background and "Wiz Khalifa" printed in a light purple on the bottom of the shirt.
  12. Rollo Juniors T-Shirt

    Rollo Juniors T-Shirt

    Get Wiz Khalifa's "Rollo" t-shirt with a design featuring an image of Wiz Khalifa showing his back tattoos, with his logo all outlined in black, white, and yellow.
  13. Expert Camo Hoodie

    Expert Men's Zip Hoodie with Camo Panel Details

    New from Wiz, the black and camouflage Expert Camouflage Hoodie has a unqiue style, featuring a camouflage print on the side panels, the inside interior of the hood, and within the Wiz Khalifa logo on the hoodie front. The... Learn More

  14. Wiz Heart Juniors T-Shirt

    Wiz Heart Juniors T-Shirt

    Show how much you love Wiz with the limited edition "Wiz Hearts Juniors" tee! Get this for yourself or for your valentine! The pink Hearts Juniors tee features a design of an animated red heart character, outlined in black... Learn More

  15. TGOD Juniors T-Shirt

    TGOD Juniors T-Shirt

    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price: $10.00

    Keep it simple with Wiz Khalifa's "TGOD" juniors t-shirt featuring "TGOD" in green, outlined in black, on a black t-shirt

  16. Lazy Sweatpants

    Lazy Sweatpants

    Keep your bottom half warm with the light grey Lazy Sweatpants! Featuring the letters "TGOD" printed down the left leg in black block letters with a double grey and black outline, this pair of sweatpants are of 50% Cotton... Learn More

  17. Vintage Men's Basketball Jersey

    Vintage Ball Mens Basketball Jersey

    Now shipping, cop your red and white Vintage Basketball Jersey, featuring "Wiz Khalifa" and "60" embroidered on the jersey front, and "Taylor Gang" with "60" embroidered on the jersey back, with a yellow trim detail.

  18. Desert Mens Tank Top

    Desert Mens Tank Top

    Match Wiz's swag with this new red tank, just in time for the warm weather. This red American Apparel 100% Cotton tank features an abstract, tribal design with Wiz's name across the center in white.
  19. Work Hard Play Hard Shirt

    Work Hard, Play Hard T-Shirt

    Inspired by the first single from his upcoming album, O.N.I.F.C. in stores this summer, support Wiz with the "Work Hard, Play Hard" t-shirt!

  20. Peace T-Shirt

    Peace T-Shirt

    This t-shirt features a large black peace symbol paint drip design with Wiz’s logo in the bottom corner, printed with a raised texture, on white 50% cotton/50% polyester blend American Apparel.

  21. Melt Mens Slim Fit T-Shirt

    Melt Mens Slim Fit T-Shirt

    This black t-shirt is printed with Wiz Khalifa's name in red and green melting into a black and white image of Wiz Khalifa. Printed on a 100% combed cotton American Apparel t-shirt
  22. Steel City Mens Slim Fit T-Shirt

    Steel City Mens Slim Fit T-Shirt

    This slim fit t-shirt is inspired by the Pittsburgh stop on Wiz's recent Under The Influence of Music tour! The t-shirt front features Wiz's logo with "Steel City" and "Pittsbugh", and the back features "Pittsburgh" and... Learn More

  23. Dreams Juniors Tank Top

    Dreams Juniors Tank Top

    Check out this new Juniors item from Wiz! This black racer back tank top features "Wiz Khalifa" printed in the center of a yellow and blue dreamcatcher. 

  24. Spendin Money Zip Up Hoodie

    Spendin Money Zip Up Hoodie

    Make sure you grab this white Wiz Khalifa zip up hoodie with TGOD printed on the lower back in large black letters outlined in red. The front has “Wiz Khalifa” stylized in white,black and red on the top left... Learn More

  25. Space High T-Shirt

    Space High T-Shirt

    Check out this cool black t-shirt featuring a design that will grab everyone's attention! It also includes Wiz's name underneath in an orange font.

  26. ONIFC T-Shirt (Red)

    ONIFC T-Shirt

    Every fan of Wiz Khalifa should have this O.N.I.F.C tee! This red T-Shirt has "ONIFC" written in white, "WIZ KHALIFA" in black underneath it, and "ONLY N!*#A IN FIRST CLASS" in white underneath Wiz's name.

  27. Swag Hooded Denim Vest

    Swag Hooded Denim Vest

    Love Wiz and his style? Check out this sleeveless denim vest with a detachable hood that is all Wiz. The front has two pockets and the Wiz’s name is embroidered above the left pocket. The back features “Taylor... Learn More

  28. Space Type T-Shirt

    Space Type T-Shirt

    Pick up this soft dark gray tee that features "Wiz Khalifa" in cool type against a space background! Printed on 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon.

  29. Simple Seal T-Shirt

    Simple Seal T-Shirt

    Are you a part of Wiz's Taylor Gang? Make it known by wearing this great new tee! This heather gray t-shirt features the letters TGOD in the center in a circle and "Taylor Gang Or Die" around the letters in black.

  30. Work Hard Play Hard Mens Slim Fit T-Shirt

    Work Hard Play Hard Mens Slim Fit T-Shirt

    If you've heard Wiz Khalifa's track 'Work Hard Play Hard', then you'll recognize this motto! This slim fit black tee has the phrase "Work Hard Play Hard" on it in a grey script design, with "Wiz Khalifa" underneath. This... Learn More

  31. Peace Feathers Tank Top

    Peace Feathers Tank Top

    Ladies, show your love for Wiz with this tank top featuring a cool peace sign graphic created out of feathers. Wiz’s name is featured on top of the image in a bright green text!
    Product Details: American... Learn More

  32. Moon Zip Hoodie

    Moon Zip Hoodie

    Want some Wiz merch for the winter? Check out this new Wiz Khalifa Moon Zip hoodie. The back of the hoodie features a green, black and white design including a man on the moon with a TGOD flag, with "Wiz Khalifa" printed... Learn More

  33. Motor & Light Slim Fit T-Shirt

    Motor & Light Slim Fit T-Shirt

    Missed picking up this tee on Wiz's latest tour? Now the Motor & Light Slim Fit tee is available exclusively here! Design is printed on a cotton blend.

  34. Kickback Black Pullover Hoodie

    Kickback Black Pullover Hoodie

    Keep warm on those cool nights with this Taylor Gang or Die hoodie! This black hoodie features "TGOD" printed in white across the chest and a front pouch pocket beneath it. Hoodie is made of 50% cotton and 50%... Learn More

  35. Lazy Black Sweatpants

    Lazy Black Sweatpants

    According to Wiz, "Taylor Gang or Die" is all about being comfortable with yourself and what better way to embody TGOD than in these super comfortable, lazy sweatpants! These sweats feature TGOD in large white letters... Learn More

  36. Ball 60 Custom Basketball Jersey

    Ball 60 Custom Basketball Jersey

    Available now, cop this limited edition cream Wiz Khalifa "Ball 60" basketball jersey! Featuring "Wiz Khalifa" embroidered on the jersey front with red details and "Taylor Gang Or Die" and the number "60" embroidered on... Learn More

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