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  1. “See You Again” T-Shirt

    “See You Again” T-Shirt

    Get your order in now, to be the first to own this exclusive “See You Again” t-shirt, with a design inspired by the hit single from the Furious 7 official motion picture soundtrack!

    Unisex fit, fits... Learn More

  2. 2015 Edition 420 T-Shirt

    2015 Edition 420 T-Shirt

    Burn up in style with this WIZKHALIFA.COM Exclusive 2015 Edition 420 T-Shirt! Get yours while supplies last!

    This black slim fit t-shirt features a cartoon design of Wiz. Made of 100% cotton.

  3. Cloud Smiley Slim Fit T-Shirt

    Cloud Smiley Slim Fit T-Shirt

    Pick up Wiz’s new Could Smiley Tee. This comfortable white tee has a fun creative cartoon of a green cloud smiley face. This mischievous smiley has dollar sign eyes, and a smile with a tongue sticking out.
  4. TGOD Men's Basic T-Shirt

    TGOD Men's Basic T-Shirt

    Pick up this black basic fit men’s t-shirt featuring “TGOD” printed in green.
  5. Lazy Black Sweatpants

    Lazy Black Sweatpants

    According to Wiz, "Taylor Gang or Die" is all about being comfortable with yourself and what better way to embody TGOD than in these super comfortable, lazy sweatpants! These sweats feature TGOD in large white letters... Learn More

  6. Kickback Black Pullover Hoodie

    Kickback Black Pullover Hoodie

    Keep warm on those cool nights with this Taylor Gang or Die hoodie! This black hoodie features "TGOD" printed in white across the chest and a front pouch pocket beneath it. Hoodie is made of 50% cotton and 50%... Learn More

  7. Swag Hooded Denim Vest

    Swag Hooded Denim Vest

    Love Wiz and his style? Check out this sleeveless denim vest with a detachable hood that is all Wiz. The front has two pockets and the Wiz’s name is embroidered above the left pocket. The back features “Taylor... Learn More

  8. ONIFC T-Shirt (Red)

    ONIFC T-Shirt

    Every fan of Wiz Khalifa should have this O.N.I.F.C tee! This red T-Shirt has "ONIFC" written in white, "WIZ KHALIFA" in black underneath it, and "ONLY N!*#A IN FIRST CLASS" in white underneath Wiz's name.

  9. Vintage Men's Basketball Jersey

    Vintage Ball Mens Basketball Jersey

    Now shipping, cop your red and white Vintage Basketball Jersey, featuring "Wiz Khalifa" and "60" embroidered on the jersey front, and "Taylor Gang" with "60" embroidered on the jersey back, with a yellow trim detail.

  10. Lazy Sweatpants

    Lazy Sweatpants

    Keep your bottom half warm with the light grey Lazy Sweatpants! Featuring the letters "TGOD" printed down the left leg in black block letters with a double grey and black outline, this pair of sweatpants are of 50% Cotton... Learn More

  11. Expert Camo Hoodie

    Expert Men's Zip Hoodie with Camo Panel Details

    New from Wiz, the black and camouflage Expert Camouflage Hoodie has a unqiue style, featuring a camouflage print on the side panels, the inside interior of the hood, and within the Wiz Khalifa logo on the hoodie front. The... Learn More

  12. Paper Mens Sweatshirt

    Paper Mens Sweatshirt

    Who couldn’t like this sweatshirt from Wiz Khalifa? The Alternative Apparel heather gray long sleeve sweatshirt with black sleeves featuring a design of a sheet of paper come to life! He has tattoos of... Learn More

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